SALTON SEA Sends Out A Big “SOS”


On April 23, 2016 over seventy off-road vehicles adventured across sand dunes and desert shorelines to send out the largest “SOS” for California’s drying Salton Sea.  People came from out of state to explore interesting sites around the Sea and be part of an epic opportunity to help “Save Our Sea!”

The EcoMedia Compass Crew and Randy Brown, from Salton Sea Walk and Notarubicon, enthusiastically led a caravan of Jeeps, trucks and adventure-mobiles through sand, mud and dirt in support of Salton Sea awareness and education.  Several people along for the ride didn’t know about the problems facing the Sea and the serious impacts of the Quantification Settlement Agreement scheduled for completion at the end of 2017.

“This is a perfect opportunity to share the impacts of a shrinking Sea and for people to get involved in a fun and creative way.” stated Giovanni Arechavaleta, Campaign Director of The EcoMedia Compass. “People need to know what’s at risk, how it will impact them and what they can do to help.”  The crew went on to explain how anyone can make a difference by just sharing their experience and connection to the Sea.  That in order for it to be saved, the Salton Sea needs significant support and involvement from the communities around it.

4x4 SOS JeepsKerry Morrison, Executive Director of The EcoMedia Compass, and his crew quickly guided groups of vehicles to form the giant letters on a section of exposed shoreline as Randy and Eric Hanscom, Board Member of The EcoMedia Compass and professional drone pilot, carefully flew drones overhead to capture the action (full video below).  Everyone was in place as the striking image appeared on screens communicating with the drone aerial cameras.  “It’s perfect!” Morrison shouted to the rest of the crew.
Smiles, waves and cheers greeted the glimmering Sea on that day along with a message… a message to anyone who’s watching to help the Salton Sea. Not only for the birds, for our health, for our communities but for the possibility of what can be if we just work together and try.


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  • Eric Hanscom

    says on:
    April 27, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Thanks for putting this on. It was a great event.

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