The Eden ProjectThe Salton Sea Restoration Effort has taken a new level.
Eden Project – Ground Breaking Ceremony!..
in partnership with AGESS inc., The Torrez Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians & The Ecomedia Compass

Free Event!
April 30th 2016 @ 10:00 am
Come See how modern sustainable energy companies are changing the world and will soon help with the Salton Sea clean-up by Implementing the latest proven Technologies and how YOU can help!


EDEN Project – Science Center

Ground Breaking Event 04/30/16


Event Itinerary:

Event Starts: Music and Entertainment 10:00 am


Presentation by Nathan White: Agess, Inc. 10:30 am

Dr. John Freeman: Intrinsyx

Laddie Flock: Floating Islands West


Key Note Speaker: Bruce Wilcox 11:00 am

California Natural Resources Agency


Presentation by Torres Martinez Tribe 12:30 pm


Ground Breaking Event Ceremony 12:00 noon

Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz Representative

Robert Wright: County of Riverside EDA


Introduction of Partners and Presenters 12:30 pm


Kerry Morrison: The EcoMedia Compass 1:00 pm


Carl Hodges: Sea Water Foundation 1:30 pm


Tom Sephton: Sephton Water Technology 2:00 pm


Gary Jennings: Jennings & Johnson Partnership 2:30 pm


Jennifer Stowe: Platform Palm Springs 3:30 pm


EDEN Project Conclusion 4:00pm


Music Performances and Open Mic 4:30pm – Later

Come for: Lectures, Music, Dancing, Food, Drinks, and Community Awareness!
Directions: 86 Freeway.. Exit 81st St. & Go East, Make a Quick Turn to Head North on California 86 Frontage Rd, Take the Street All the Way until in Ends!
The Site is just South of 78th Ave. & East of The 86 Freeway
Coordinates: Latitude: 33.48 Longitude: -116.09

Alternative Generating Energies & Sustainable Solutions
A G E S S  –

NOW ACCEPTING EVENT REGISTRATION for Artistic Entertainment and Vendor Booths!
Apply @


Facebook RSVP:


Hope to see you there!

Feel free to call us at (404) 88-WORLD for any further questions or if you would like to help make this event and project an even greater success by participation/volunteering. Gratitude.


Map of site:

(It’s halfway Seaside between the Mecca Arco center & Red Earth casino)

West Shore SaltonSea

Event Map


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