February 25-26 2017

Join us for the first official leg of the Sea to Sea Walk.
We will be meeting with and interviewing members of the Cucapá tribe who own most of the land between the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican border. They have been very supportive of the Seawater import concept as it will bring them options for fishing, agriculture, water, tourism and jobs.
We will be walking 5-6 miles over to the Rio Hardy to see where from water is already flowing into the Coyote Canal towards the Salton Sea. After getting photos/ videos of the area to help with engineering, we will primitive camp one night in the delta and walk back the next morning.
You will need what ever equipment is required for your comfort in camping for one night as well as food, water and a passport.
Join us in making history for the water sustainability of the Southwest!

More info: SeaToSeaWalk.com

Meet: 8am Saturday, Feb 25th 2017
Save Our Sea Headquarters by the Ecomedia Compass
Return 7pm Sunday, Feb 26th 2017
Save Our Sea Headquarters by the Ecomedia Compass

Please confirm here, and call for any questions:
The EcoMedia Compass
(404) 88-WORLD

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