Mission to Laguna Salada Planned

October 23-25th 2015


Sea To Sea Walk 2016

Laguna Salada, MX Google Map

Laguna Salada, MX
Google Map

Your friends at The EcoMedia Compass and Salton Sea Walk are planning the first of three scouting missions through the desert, from the Sea of Cortez to the Salton Sea.

Our first stop will be in the large, dry lakebed called “Laguna Salada”. Filling this area using gravity from the Sea of Cortez through an existing canal called the “Coyote” Canal, would be a fairly inexpensive way of getting plenty of ocean water near numerous geothermal resources in the US and Mexico.Coyote CanalGeothermal provides an inexpensive way to desalinate ocean water, providing a sustainable source of clean water for the entire region. Once here, water would close enough to the Salton Sea to make a pipeline/canal option a very real alternative to the impending disaster that we have come to know so well.

We will be camping at a natural spring. We will also be conducting a GIS map to plot our 2016 walk route and conducting an environmental survey of wildlife in this desert corridor.


We are still confirming crew for this expedition but space is limited; please contact us if you are interested in joining for this historic mission!


(404) 88-WORLD 

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