We believe that the reason for most environmental and social problems is simply lack of education. Education empowers us and future generations to discover, learn and act for real solutions to the challenges within our communities. If we knew what was at stake and if we collectively studied and learned the impacts of wrong decisions, we just wouldn’t make them. We would choose options that were best for the world, our communities and our environment. It’s in all of our best interest.

Through collaboration with passionate and dedicated teachers, we’ve developed a curriculum about the Salton Sea region to bring knowledge, awareness and action right into the classroom environment.  With your help, we can all pave the way for the important solutions and support needed to take care of our environment and fix what’s long overdue. There is far too much at stake but together we can Save Our Sea!

Let us take these proper steps, and learn how to save our Salton Sea. Please check out our research section and downloadable Salton Sea curriculum to start learning for change!