“The Earth has music for those who listen.”                                          – William Shakespeare

Music is the universal language and it’s a language that can shed a global light on the importance of taking care of our environment and communities.  Why not use music, song, dance and music videos to showcase the natural landscapes around us and highlight important issues effecting communities around the world? Our musicians makeup an eclectic sound drawing inspiration from nature to create a unifying note for human rights and environmental justice. And after all, a music video is how our organization got its start!

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We’ve collaborated with diverse musicians all playing for a greater cause.


Marisa Martin – Bury Your Head in the Sand

Filmed on the route between the Salton Sea and the Sea of Cortez.

KFMorrison – Call It Karma

Filmed at the Salton Sea.


Old Man & The Salton Sea by Senior Moments

Produced with Salton Sea Walk


Robin Hedlund – Run Run Run

Filmed at the Salton Sea

The Interstellar Overdrive – Slip N’ Slide

(Filmed at the Salton Sea, with The EcoMedia Compass)

Friends of the Salton Sea State Rec Area’s Pelican Days Festival

Music by Little Galaxies, Video by The EcoMedia Compass 





Marisa Martin – Live at the Save Our Sea! Festival


Nadine Casanova – Take Action (Live at the Salton Sea)