J. Jasmyn Phillips
Boardmember/ Multimedia Director

Jasmyn is an international nature photographer that specializes in wildlife portraits.
She is a member of the Salton Sea Artist Association and the Oceanside Photography Club in British Columbia, Canada. Jasmyn came to the Salton Sea when she was a child and immediately fell in love with its unique beauty. She began actively caring for the Sea when she was ten years old. Jasmyn remembers picking up trash along the shore and receiving a ‘Litter Getter’ badge from the Salton Sea State Rec Park rangers.
Jasmyn Phillips Collage
Jasmyn is a naturalist at heart and a lifelong environmental advocate.
She devotes significant time and energy to the study of the world around her, with a keen focus on biology, ecology, and geology. Jasmyn has a deep appreciation for the earth and believes in preserving places of ecological importance like the Salton Sea.
That sense of stewardship has impelled her to use her photography as a way to communicate important issues.

Jasmyn has been active in public and educational outreach programs for many years.
Most recently she became involved in the Save Our Sea! Campaign with The EcoMedia Compass. Wanting to help the local community use their voices, she was inspired to design postcards with a message about Salton Sea restoration, and addressed them to numerous politicians and key celebrities.

What's Happening Coachella Valley: Live #EarthDay at Salton Sea

What's Happening Coachella Valley: Live #EarthDay at Salton Sea

Posted by Coachella Valley on Saturday, April 22, 2017


Like the birds that need the Sea as a refuge, Jasmyn finds herself continually drawn back to this peaceful sanctuary. It is her goal to keep raising awareness of this very special place that so many call home.
Postcard Campaign to the President, California Governor & Celebrities.


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