Jennifer Spitzer

SOS Yacht Club Aerial Jennifer SpitzerJennifer Spitzer, Fine Art Photographer, specializes in Landscape and Still Life photography. She works predominately in film, often shooting with her large format camera.  Most of her work focuses on the natural yet untraditional landscape, in relation to the juxtaposition of man’s imprint on nature.  She seeks out the relationships that have formed between man and nature as well as the strange and idyllic beauty of the environment due to continued transformation.  It is within these moments of transformation and cohabitation of man and nature that Spitzer finds unique beauty, which she regards as “the uncommonly beautiful landscape.” She recently completed her Master’s thesis on the Salton Sea, “Paradise Lost”.

She has been an active volunteer for the Save Our Sea! Campaign for capturing events, landscapes, art lessons and the Salton Sea Walk.

More info about her work can be found at: