Tom Sephton
Board Vice President

Tom Sephton is President of Sephton Water Technology, and Board VP of The EcoMedia Compass. He has been active in educational outreach, media, expeditions and events with the SOS! Campaign since 2011.  He is currently conducting the VTE Geothermal Desalination Pilot/Demonstration Project. Tom Sephton assisted his father and company founder, Hugo Sephton, with earlier demonstrations, including the most recent at Modesto Energy. Tom took charge of Sephton Water Technology and the current geothermal VTE initiative in 2002. Tom Sephton received a B.A. degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley (1981) and an M.A. degree in Multimedia from California State University, Hayward (1999). Mr. Sephton′s work experience includes two years in biomedical research with HyTech Scientific, four years in biochemical research at U.C. Berkeley, four years as a software engineer for Extempo Systems, and 15 years operating his former business specializing in audio/video/animation production before making a full-time commitment to Sephton Water Technology.