Save Our Sea! Headquarters 

 2554 N. Marina Drive in Salton City, California 92275

Open by appointment during summer.

Call before- in case touring the Sea.

(404) 88-WORLD


Satellite Offices:

The EcoMedia Compass

19434 Londeliux St.

Northridge, CA 91324

(702) 327-2608


The EcoMedia Compass

9050 W. Warmsprings Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89148

(702) 327-2608


Thursdays at 7pm- EcoMedia Weekly

A weekly 7 minute program about the Salton Sea and World EcoMedia creatve news. Join regional experts and guest stars with your host, KFMorrison, speaking about solutions to our environmental issues, including our local Salton Sea.



A fully functional newsroom and multimedia editing suite.


Come share your regional photography, or go home with a piece of art celebrating the natural beauty and uniqueness around us.

*Letter Writing

A letter writing station to send your ideas and support for regional ecological solutions.


We’re open for your ideas, and can use the help!

*Creative Awareness

Let’s carry the SOS campaign across the world!

*Event Planning

*Community Outreach

Come be a part of planning and hosting events to bring regional solutions to fruition.


A tremendous learning resource for all kinds of people about the Salton Sea and environmental restoration, with a strong creative and multimedia focus.


Come do the things that you love while restoring our region!

SOS Office Collage

Save Our Sea! Headquarters by The EcoMedia Compass