Salton Sea Water Importation Projects

Please review and share these important proposals.
Opportunities to attain long-term Salton Sea restoration work best with water
and much more public support is needed to evaluate, design and build the project.

Responses to Request for Information for Salton Sea Water Importation Projects

Request for Information for Salton Sea Water Importation Projects


Proposals Submitted by:

Agess, Inc.
CIM Group, LLC
Cordoba Corp.
GEI Consultants, Inc. and Michael Clinton Consulting, LLC
Geothermal Worldwide, Inc.
Quadrant II
Sea to Sea Development Team
Sephton Water Technology, Inc.
The Binational Water Group, LLC
Transform Water & Power

This information is also published on the website of the California Natural Resources Agency at:

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  • Sergio Ruelas

    says on:
    July 27, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    A binational project could be it is the right time when a new federal government in Mexico is beginning and willing to work. Refering to salinity of sea water there is different ways to minimize salinity trough the use of crops during the course of water. And the closest point of conection would be la Laguna Salada to Salton Sea.

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