At the EcoMedia Compass, we believe that the reason for most environmental and social problems, is simply a lack of education. If we knew what was at stake; if we as a society studied and learned what problems could happen if we made the wrong decisions, we just wouldn’t make them. We would choose options that were the best for the world, our people and our environment. Please download and use our Salton Sea curriculum to educate our future generations about the Salton Sea and restoration solutions & action.It’s in all of our best interest. Let us take these proper steps, and learn how to Save Our          Salton Sea.

          With some passionate and dedicated teachers, we have        put together a curriculum about the Salton Sea and the            region to bring knowledge, awareness, and pave the way          for the additional solutions and support needed to take            care of our environment, and fix what has come close to            being broken. For there is so much at stake. Let’s discover      & solve this situation through real life  learning!

Please Check out ourDownloadable Salton Sea Curriculum!  ~SOS

Elementary School

Curriculum Standards

Lesson Plan 1:  A Letter to the Governor (elementary schools)

Lesson Plan 2:  Create a Brochure

Lesson Plan 2:  Brochure Template

Lesson Plan 3:  Storyboard

Lesson Plan 4:  Venn Diagram

Alternative Lesson Plans

Middle School

Lesson Plan 1: A Letter to the Governor (middle schools)

High School/ College

Lesson Plan 1: A Letter to the Governor (high schools)


The Salton Sea Textbook- Suzanne Lindell

The Salton Sea - Suzanne Lindell

Kevin Butler

The Salton Sea Curriculum


Kevin Butler is a teacher from Long Island, New York who attended St. Joseph’s college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education.  His graduate work was completed at Stony Brook University where he earned a master’s degree in the liberal arts.

Teacher - Kevin Butler

             Throughout his eleven years of teaching, Kevin has been recognized by the State of New York for being a highly effective educator.  Kevin was a finalist in the Promethean “Thank a Teacher Contest” where he received hundreds of nominations for being a teacher that made a difference.  He has trained at the Ron Clark Academy,  under supervision of Ron Clark and Kim Bearden.  Kevin is an executive board member of his school’s parent-teacher-organization as well as the advisor of the sixth grade student leadership council.

            Kevin loves the outdoors and is excited about writing a science curriculum designed around the importance of the Salton Sea Ecosystem.  The curriculum Kevin is creating incorporates the new National Science Standards (STEM) as well as Common Core Standards for the English Language Arts. Additionally, many lessons are being designed to incorporate service learning.