EcoDisaster Page Ecomedia Notebook

Forget a beach cleanup! If we don’t act now; the State and our people are prepared to let 100 miles of coastline actually die in the next few years.


Lack of fresh water would spike the salt content, likely changing the beautiful waters to blood-red due to salt loving bacteria. Fish would no longer survive and many millions of animals would no longer be able to survive in this important ecosystem.

If we settle on a “solution” that doesn’t fully restore, we are failing, and creating a mammoth mortal collapse of millions of animals; and a bitter enemy of regional medical and economic health. We owe this to growing healty for the next 7 generations., 

Millions of fish, and over 425 species of birds call the Salton Sea home.This is an irreplacable habitat for millions of animals. Increased salinity would lead to the death of countless animals.

Owens lake, now Owens Valley in central California, was a lake 1/3 of the size of Salton Sea.

It’s water source was diverted, and caused the biggest dust contributor in North America. About $1.5Billion has been spent on putting FRESH water back into the Owens valley so it won’t cause dust storms.The Salton Sea is about three times bigger, and contains more chemicals due to farming runoff thin Owens lake did. Let us not make the same, bigger mistakes.

Decreased air quality, compromised farms and tourism would lead to a dramatically lower standard of living forcing regional property values down.